Additional Costs
In addition to monthly membership fees, as in any sport, there are costs to be
considered. Please take these into account when joining our programs.

IFK Membership: $20 for initial application, $10/year renewal. Due BEFORE
January 1st of each year. This fee is required and must be current to promote
under IFK rules.

Testing Fees: Testing is held usually 4 times a year. (March, June,
September, and December). Students eligible to promote, must pay a testing
fee between $25 and $45 depending on rank. (Black Belt is more.)

Equipment Fees: Certain equipment is required to participate in class and for
testing. Equipment should be purchased soon after registering and needs to be
brought to class every session.

Minimum Equipment for Kids (under 14):  Uniform ($25), Arm Patch($8), Chest
Patch($8), Cloth Hand Pads ($8), Shin Pads($13), Mouth Guard($2), Head
Gear ($25), Male Groin Cup/Supporter ($9)

Minimum Equipment for Adults (14 and older): Uniform ($25), Arm Patch($8),
Chest Patch($8), Mixed Martial Arts Gloves ($30), Chest Protector ($25),  
Shin Pads($13), Mouth Guard($2), Head Gear ($25), Male Groin
Cup/Supporter ($9)

Please see our
EQUIPMENT ORDER FORM. It may be printed and brought to

Tournament Fees: There are several tournaments a year that students are
encouraged to compete in. Two local tournaments in particular are a chance
for students to compete for trophies and test their skills. The American
International Karate Championships held each October at the Riverside
Convention Center and Jim Graffe Memorial Tournament held each May in
Hilton, NY. Gray Wolf Martial Arts also competes in tournaments in Montreal,
Binghamton, and other locations.

A tournament usually costs between $25 and $50 to enter depending on the
number of events a student chooses to attempt.